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Purchased a Living Social Deal for a camera inspection of sewer system $60.00. (deal claims normally $165.00 charge). Technician came in and cracked pvc pipe and cap on clean out pipe in several places. (do you know how hard you have to hit a pvc pipe to crake it in 3 places?) Technician then called me to basement to tell me he broke the pipe in several places opening the clean out cap and now a repair was needed! The damage he had just done would need to be repaired and would cost me above and beyond the camera call because previous plumber may have got some glue on the cap. (never got a price but told me he would have to go get parts and it would not cost me millions) First of all should have called me down when the cap was stuck to ASK me if I wanted him to proceed. I told him I did not want him to fix I would call my plumber and take up with Geiler Company.

On to the sewer inspection...what a rip off. Technician ran the camera and it stopped about 45 feet in and then gave me a guesstimate that something was wrong and said I would need to pay for additional equipment to get the true estimate of any work needed. Ok so how can I determine if they come out with additional equipment I will have and accurate assessment of my sewer?

Although I expected a biased estimate from this company, I did not expect that the inspection would only tell me I needed to spend additional money to get a complete estimate of any work which I might wish to contract for. I talked to Terry and he also was blaming glue which MAY HAVE dripped on the cap I asked him to have his plumber bring the cap back to my property. He stated they did not do the deals as a bait and switch ...I said to him that is exactly what this deal was a bait and switch AND doing additional damage to my home while they were here and looking to charge me for a repair is an interesting way to get business also. No sympathy or responsibility from Geiler. I asked him am I supposed to expect or anticipate Geiler or any other contractor to step into my home and do damage and then expect me to pay for it? I do not think so. This technician was in a hurry , did not bother to spray a lubricant on the cap, used access force and cracked my pipe which now has to be repaired and guess what I was not about to pay Geiler to repair.

I am sure plumbing companies often times will provide video inspections super cheap, to sell a large excavation job and I will always get a second opinion on a major job when dealing with a new contractor…. but this is not acceptable to pay for an incomplete inspection. Buyer beware of Living Social Deals and especially camera inspection from Geiler Company because unless your entire sewer is clear you will know little more than when they hit your front door when they leave and you will be out money you could put toward a legitimate camera inspection with the goal of finding out the condition of your sewers.

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